November 8, 2013
posted by WitC_admin

Our friends over at FBC posted an article about us.

“I’m always looking out for new, cool projects on Kickstarter and this one titled “Winter In The City” caught my eye. Here’s what it says on their main page:

“The City. Noisy, crowded, ever in motion, the City is an unrecognized character in Urban Fantasy. Much more than just a setting, the City is the ever-present constant companion to the characters in the genre. Sometimes antagonist, sometime protagonist, the city surrounds and engulfs a good Urban Fantasy yarn.”

“Winter in the City: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Tales will be a celebration of stories that take place in different cities around the world during the bleak—sometimes harsh—season of winter.”

With such an intriguing setup and my interest in urban fantasy, I asked author R.B. Wood if he could tell us about the inception of this anthology…”

Check out the link below for the rest of the article!

Fantasy Book Critic Article

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