November 12, 2013
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The #WitC team announce three more interested authors bring the total nearly to two dozen:

Talented storytellers all:

Adam-Troy Castro’s twenty-five books include the Philip K. Dick Award winning EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD, first of three featuring the brilliant and tormented trouble-shooter, Andrea Cort. His short fiction has been nominated for two Hugos, three Stokers, and eight Nebulas. Adam’s next major project is a series of middle-grade novels featuring a very strange young boy named Gustav Gloom.

Read more about Adam-Troy HERE

Jude-Marie Green is a writer of genre (science fiction & fantasy, plus the occasional horror) fiction. She lives in Southern California (well, Los Angeles. Well, honestly, a suburb of Los Angeles nestled in Orange County. All right already, she lives in Santa Ana.) amid palm trees, orange trees, avocado trees, roses, and birds. Lots of birds.

Read more about Judy-Marie HERE

Richard Paul Russo‘s first story, Firebird Suite, appeared in Amazing Stories in 1981 and his first novel, Inner Eclipse, was published in 1988. His second novel, Subterranean Gallery, won the Philip K. Dick Award for 1989. He won that award again in 2001 for Ship of Fools. Subterranean Gallery was also a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

Read more about Richard HERE

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