November 1, 2013
posted by WitC_admin

The City.

Noisy, crowded, ever in motion, the City is an unrecognized character in Urban Fantasy. Much more than just a setting, the City is the ever-present constant companion to the characters in the genre. Sometimes antagonist, sometime protagonist, the city surrounds and engulfs a good Urban Fantasy yarn.

Winter in the City: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Tales will be a celebration of stories that take place in different cities around the world during the bleak—sometimes harsh—season of winter.

Welcome to the #WitC website!

During the month of November, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund an anthology worthy of the Urban Fantasy genre!

Find the campaign HERE: Winter in the City KICKSTARTER

In the background, we have been circulating the idea for #WitC with some serious interest by award-winning storytellers in participating. Obviously we need to raise the funds first, but over the course of the crowd-fundraiser, we will be announcing the professionals who have signed up to help make #WitC a reality!.

We are looking to raise $15,000—a lot of cash, we know– and that’s why we need your help!

Using the power of the internet, we are calling on writers, readers and fans of Urban Fantasy to help us raise our goal. And use “#WitC” wherever hash tags are allowed!

It’s important throughout this process to remain transparent. And while we will be release names over the course of November to build excitement, we want you to know what the funds are earmarked for:
• 7k will go to the authors (figuring .07 cents a word for a 100,000 word tome).
• 3k will go to editing–there is significant work for an editor on an anthology and we want the best (and we’ve got him!).
• 3k will go to art work (for the book, the rewards and for the online presence), the eBook/paperback/hardcover designer and the web guru.
• The remaining 2k is earmarked for the rewards.
• Fees and taxes are being paid for directly by us. We need (and want) to show “skin in the game,” as it were.

Anything beyond the $15,000 will be used to increase authors per word pay, add rewards (and we have some wonderfully generous authors willing to donate additional perks), add stories or…

…add a “Volume 2”

Thank you in advance for your help!


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